Human Capital Management in the Wandering Context of Events - Challenges for the Managerial Staff

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Autor: Marzena Stor (red.)

ISBN: 978-83-7695-988-7

Rok wydania: 2022

Liczba stron: 159

Wersja elektroniczne: DBC

This monograph is the result of cooperation between twenty researchers from eleven Polish universities and is based on the assumption that both employees and HRM in organizations are increasingly subject to unprecedented contextualization. The context is perceived as a phenomenon of a dynamic nature in which different stakeholders have to operate. The dynamics of this context is so specific and so enormous that this context becomes a wandering context of events in which it is more and more difficult to make rational decisions. The main goal of the monograph is to present empirical research findings and conceptual developments in selected HRM problems in various contexts. As for these contexts, the journey undertaken in this monograph begins with organizational contexts, then virtual and digital, followed by that of the pandemic, and finally ends in a context strongly focused on people. As the monograph is of a scientific and research nature, it is dedicated to other researchers dealing with HRM issues as well as management students who would like to deepen their knowledge in this field and learn about the latest research. At the same time, the authors also hope that it may be interesting for management practitioners who are looking for inspiration to create effective solutions in their work with human capital.

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