Knowledge Diffusion Methods in a Networking Company. Knowledge Business Models wyd. 2 uzupełnione

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Autor: Kazimierz Perechuda

ISBN: 978-83-7695-793-7

Rok wydania: 2020

Liczba stron: 80

Format: B5

Oprawa: Miękka

Knowledge management is the most useful management method in contemporary business. Identification of the key knowledge issues could significantly accelerate development of the company in the networking environment. In the book modern knowledge diffusion methods in networking enterprises are described. The presented methods constitute the basis for creation of new business models which extremely differ from classical business. The following aspects of knowledge flow are analysed: new view of networking life cycle, life cycle of products and services, net configuration, knowledge-based key competencies, knowledge-based cooperation.The book is addressed to consulting companies, chief knowledge officers (CKO), and managers, especially of the high-technology companies. It is also practical guide for academic staff and students at the universities of economics and business schools, especially useful for the subject “Knowledge management”.

Introduction 9

Method 1. Two dimensions of knowledge creation 11

Method 2. Subjective and objective knowledge identification 12

Method 3. Four ways of knowledge conversion 12

Method 4. Metaphor and analogy in the creation of the product’s concept 13

Method 5. The analysis of Japanese and Western style of organizational knowledge creation 14

Method 6. Knowledge creation in a company “life cycle” 15

Method 7. Knowledge acquisition 15

Method 8. Network evaluation 16

Method 9. Evaluation of your regional network economy 17

Method 10. Knowledge exchange 18

Method 11. Conversion strategies: tacit into explicit knowledge 19

Method 12. Learning organization identification 19

Method 13. Knowledge outsourcing and insourcing 20

Method 14. Knowledge spiral in a company 21

Method 15. Primary and secondary knowledge in a networking company 21

Method 16. The analysis of attributes of a networking company 22

Method 17. Analysis of the product/service value chain 23

Method 18. Formal department and knowledge flow 24

Method 19. The application steps of the new management methods 24

Method 20. Business models 25

Method 21. Knowledge structure 26

Method 22. Knowledge Management instruments in small business 26

Method 23. Knowledge spiral 27

Method 24. Knowledge roles 28

Method 25. Problem solutions 29

Method 26. Primary and secondary knowledge in a networking company 30

Method 27. The analysis of cooperation chains with a client 31

Method 28. The selection of involved entity (IE) for creation of knowledge community 31

Method 29. External and internal benchmarking of knowledge management best practices 32

Method 30. Managing relations 32

Method 31. Positioning of intellectual capital in an enterprise 33

Method 32. Vectorial analysis of intellectual capital 33

Method 33. The analysis of a sport club knowledge area 34

Method 34. The analysis of explicit and tacit knowledge in a sport club 35

Method 35. Barriers for knowledge transfer in a networking company 35

Method 36. Organizational knowledge creation in a networking company 36

Method 37. The organizational spiral of knowledge creation 37

Method 38. Five-phase model of knowledge creation 39

Method 39. The identification and analysis of management model in your enterprise 41

Method 40. Identification of knowledge about clients 42

Method 41. Client’s knowledge about the company 42

Method 42. Changing the geometry of network structure 43

Method 43. Life cycle of implicit and explicit knowledge 43

Method 44. Transformation of individual knowledge into organizational one 44

Method 45. The identification of organizational learning orientation in your company 45

Method 46. The analysis of factors facilitating learning process 46

Method 47. Company as a knowledge storage 47

Method 48. Organizational structure vs. knowledge flow 48

Method 49. Knowledge creation in a network system 48

Method 50. The analysis of an enterprise potential in the process of its transformation into a knowledge factory 49

Method 51. Restructuring of the business model 49

Method 52. Innovations vs. knowledge 50

Method 53. Business intelligence as the instrument of acquiring knowledge 51

Method 54. The analysis of implicit knowledge dimensions 52

Method 55. Metaphors and ambiguity 52

Method 56. Sharing individual knowledge 53

Method 57. The analysis of friendly and absorbing networks 53

Method 58. Phases of creating relations network with clients of a virtual enterprise 54

Method 59. The diagnosis of a ragged network 56

Method 60. The analysis of an integrator company “distance” 57

Method 61. The analysis of unstructured network 58

Method 62. The analysis of structured network 59

Method 63. The analysis of the extent of processes complexity 60

Method 64. The analysis of network selection criteria 61

Method 65. Solving problems in a network 61

Method 66. The analysis of organizational roles in the process of knowledge creation 62

Method 67. First contact 63

Method 68. Chains of knowledge in a service company 63

Method 69. Marketplace vs. market space of a trading company 64

Method 70. Expanding the value chain 64

Method 71. In which field does your enterprise “spin”? 65

Method 72. Overabundance reduction 66

Method 73. Designing reorientation 66

Method 74. Chains of knowledge 67

Method 75. Value chains 67

Method 76. Scenarios of transformations 68

Method 77. Analysis of product components 69

Method 78. Product value components 69

Method 79. Detection of the product images 70

Method 80. Identification of the characteristics of the enterprise 70

Method 81. Streaming detection 72

Method 82. Knowledge based coaching 72

Method 83. Knowledge based mentoring 73

Method 84. Knowledge based tutoring 74

Final remarks 76

Bibliography 77

List of figures 78

List of tables 79

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