Argumenta Oeconomica 2022, no. 1(48)

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ISSN: 1233-5835

Liczba stron: 311

Licencja: CC BY-SA 4.0

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COVID-19 led to price slumps in the German stock market. Is sentiment applicable as an explanatory factor?

Emile David Hövel, Matthias Gehrke

A dynamic approach to relative taxonomy in the assessment of changes in the social cohesion of polish provinces in 2010-2018

Marek Walesiak, Grażyna Dehnel

The effect of immigration on human capital expenditure in Europe: an international analysis

Tuğay Günel, Melek Akdoğan Gedik

Foreign divestment risk factors in Poland during the covid-19 pandemic

Marcin Salamaga

Are there any negative career consequences for executives and directors working in stigmatized industries?

Dmytro Osiichuk

De jure and de facto democracy in post-socialist countries

Jacek Lewkowicz, Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

Company investments in the context of financial strategies

Antonín Šmejkal, Martina Novotná, Tomáš Volek

Theorising on tourist flows and business cycles in casino cities

Li Sheng, Yechang Yin, Anning Zhang

Effect of perceived organizational support and organizational trust on young academics’ organizational commitment

Mustafa Ozgun Atalay, Nihan Birincioglu, Taner Acuner

A study on the OECD better life index using multivariate statistical analysis

Justyna Brzezińska

The impact of social media peer communication on customer behaviour – evidence from Romania

Bogdan Anastasiei, Nicoleta Dospinescu, Octavian Dospinescu

The malfunction of public authorities in the spatial planning system

Iwona Foryś, Maciej Nowak

The stickiness of food prices in Poland – online vs. Traditional shops

Krystian Jaworski

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