PN 482 Wrocław Conference in Finance: Contemporary Trends and Challenges

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ISSN: 1899-3192

e-ISSN: 2392-0041

Liczba stron: 308

Licencja: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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Sustainability of fiscal policy in Polish voivodeships

Monika Banaszewska

Forecasting fixed assets and their depreciation in conditions of volatile demand for production capabilities

Bożena Ciupek, Jan Kaczmarzyk

Chosen measures for pricing liquidity

Ewa Dziwok

Grouped risk parity portfolios for stocks from the WSE

Agata Gluzicka

Development of financial systems in 1995-2014 – a factor analysis

Małgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska, Paweł Smaga

Fiscal Council – international solutions and case of Poland

Jarosław Janecki

The method of documenting risk management in a selected public higher education institution of the Lódź Region

Karolina Zofia Kapuścińska

Financial system stability vs. social policy

Marta Karaś

Determinants of the spread between POLONIA rate and the reference rate – dynamic model averaging approach

Paweł Kliber

Does financial information transparency and objectivity matter for stock market development? A panel regression analysis for the selected European countries

Darko Lazarov, Tanja Lakovic, Emilija Miteva-Kacarski

New categories of spare parts and their impact on the increase of insurance crime in automobile insurance

Wojciech Lewicki, Bogusław Stankiewicz

Balance sheet shaping through a decision model and funds transfer pricing

Beata Lubińska

Linkages of natural gas and oil futures prices on the American and European derivatives market

Blanka Łęt

The recent dynamics of the disintegrated real estate transfer tax in the EU

Radka MacGregor Pelikánová, Petra Jánošíková

Should we rely on forecasts of prices or returns? The short term approach

Ewa Majerowska

Macro- and microprudential regulations and their effects on procyclicality of solvency and liquidity risk

Małgorzata Olszak, Iwona Kowalska

Monte Carlo valuation of the option to expand with application in multi-storey car parking

Marcin Pawlak

The influence of investor sentiment on sector indices – the INI index analysis

Aleksandra Rutkowska

Growing labor productivity and securitization – the two surprising factors of income inequality

Andrzej Sopoćko

On improved estimation of the extreme value index with the use of a shifted Hill’s estimator

Michał Stachura

Factors of influence on relationship banking of Polish firms

Jerzy Węcławski, Helmut Pernsteiner

The rationalization for bank branchesItaly vs. Poland

Bogdan Włodarczyk, Alberto Burchi

The effect of structural liquidity on performance in Polish commercial banks (measured with margin level) in 2009-2016

Agnieszka Wójcik-Mazur

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