The Application of Hedonic Methods in Quality-Adjusted Price Indices

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Autor: Anna Król

ISBN: 978-83-7695-790-6

Rok wydania: 2020

Liczba stron: 132

Format: B5

Oprawa: Miękka

Wersja elektroniczna: BOOKSBOX

The measurement of price dynamics is by no means new endeavourin the official statistics but the process of establishing accurate price changes in time still remains challenging in many areas. One such demanding field is the application of appropriate techniques in price index development for providing amendments reflecting quality differences which might occur in the compared commodities. The book presents results of research on the applicability of hedonic methods in adjusting price indices to changes in the goods quality and test the techniques used for hedonic price indices construction using the data sets for various groups of heterogeneous goods, including used automobiles, appartments, household appliances and ICT goods.

Preface 7

1. Hedonic price methods 9

1.1. Introduction 9

1.2. Hedonic model and its applications 10

1.3. Research motivation 12

1.4. Hedonic price indices 13

1.5. The infrastructure for data collection. 19

1.6. Data sets 24

1.7. Methodological notes 25

2. Hedonic indices on ICT/IT goods and consumer electronics markets 30

2.1. Introduction 30

2.2. Preliminary commodities selection 30

2.3. Hedonic indices for TV sets 40

2.4. Hedonic indices for laptop computers 47

2.5. Hedonic indices for smartphones 54

3. Hedonic indices on household appliances markets 62

3.1. Introduction 62

3.2. Preliminary commodities selection 62

3.3. Hedonic indices for coffee makers 68

3.4. Hedonic indices for refrigerators 74

4. Hedonic indices on secondary apartments markets 79

4.1. Introduction 79

4.2. Datasets 79

4.3. Hedonic price indices for apartments in Kraków 80

4.4. Comparison of hedonic indices for apartments in Polish cities 84

5. Hedonic indices on used cars markets 86

5.1. Introduction 86

5.2. Datasets 87

5.3. Hedonic price indices for used hatchback cars 88

5.4. Comparison of hedonic indices for various types of used automobiles 92

Final notes 94

Appendices 97

References 123

List of figures 129

List of tables 131

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