Advanced Business Models

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Autor: Kazimierz Perechuda (red.)

ISBN: 978-83-7695-517-9

Rok wydania: 2015

Liczba stron: 176

Format: B5

Oprawa: Miękka

Wersja elektroniczna: IBUK

In this era of fast changing society, economy, culture, technology, religion and other fields of human activity, the effectiveness of different paradigms, theories, models, methods, techniques and tools is continuously falling. A hologram is the modest paradigm in the modern society and economy. It shows a non-real world, which like in the movies, is more important than reality viewed by people in a destructive way. Media business shows us a positive picture of an imaginary world; the main problem is focused on the lack of differentiation tools between the real and illusionary world. Therefore, people are concentrating on the simple buying mechanism in super and megamarkets rather than on thinking, which is boring, demands extra energy and the result is non-real, moved to the future, which again is dangerous and unpredictable.

Introduction 7

Chapter 1. Advanced business models – fundamental dimensions: corporate architecture, space, invisibility 11

Chapter 2. Organization as a meaning field 19

Chapter 3. Tautological business model 24

Chapter 4. Centre and periphery knowledge flow 33

Chapter 5. An independent and networking agile company 37

Chapter 6. Organizational space – hidden dimension of new business models 41

Chapter 7. Spatial model of business as a virtual network galaxy 55

Chapter 8. Models of appropriation 69

Chapter 9. Technology megatrends in network business models 81

Chapter 10. IT management business model – sourcing IT services 93

Chapter 11. Relations models in a contemporary enterprise 105

Chapter 12. Value Shop as a business model 118

Chapter 13. Cooperation and competition in networks – a multilevel business model 130

Chapter 14. The architecture of cooperation – a business model for public-social partnership 143

Chapter 15. The business model of a social enterprise 159

Final remarks 174

List of figures 176

List of tables 178

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