Advanced Business Models

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Autor: Kazimierz Perechuda (red.)

ISBN: 978-83-7695-517-9

Rok wydania: 2015

Liczba stron: 176

Format: B5

Oprawa: Miękka

Wersja elektroniczna: IBUK

In this era of fast changing society, economy, culture, technology, religion and other fields of human activity, the effectiveness of different paradigms, theories, models, methods, techniques and tools is continuously falling. A hologram is the modest paradigm in the modern society and economy. It shows a non-real world, which like in the movies, is more important than reality viewed by people in a destructive way. Media business shows us a positive picture of an imaginary world; the main problem is focused on the lack of differentiation tools between the real and illusionary world. Therefore, people are concentrating on the simple buying mechanism in super and megamarkets rather than on thinking, which is boring, demands extra energy and the result is non-real, moved to the future, which again is dangerous and unpredictable.



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