PN 474 Global Challenges of Management Control and Reporting

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ISSN: 1899-3192

e-ISSN: 2392-0041

Liczba stron: 212

Licencja: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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The relationship between organisational attributes and internal audit effectiveness

Piotr Bednarek

Internal audit in a multinational perspectiveProblems and challenges

Christian Brauweiler

Professional skepticism in auditing and its characteristics

Maciej Ciołek

Typology of ethical theories based on the criterion of moral judgement and their applicability in the auditor’s and accountant’s professions

Marta Nowak

Analysis of the business model elements and their relationships

Wojciech Fliegner

The value of a trademark

Debora Lacs Sichel

Financial settlements as a core of inter-organizational management accounting – case study of bancassurance cooperation

Monika Łada, Małgorzata Białas

The application of the Altman Z-Score in the assessment of the business model of the company

Sylwia Łęgowik-Świącik

Financial and business information of sport clubs determined by business model

Igor Perechuda, Gabriel Pawlak

Balanced Scorecard and Morgan’s organizational metaphors

Michał Pietrzak

Drivers of strategy and R&D disclosures

Joanna Dyczkowska

Strategies toward Internet disclosures in public benefit organisations

Tomasz Dyczkowski

Self-presentation. Enterprise impression management as part of external reporting

Elżbieta Jaworska, Grzegorz Bucior

CSR reporting as an object of bibliometric analysis of scientific publications

Hanna Sikacz

Impact of the student’s household budget on the selection of a given major at post-graduate studies

Magdalena Barańska

Role of forecasting support in decision- -making process. The case of debt to equity conversion

Bartłomiej Nita, Piotr Oleksyk

Costs as an economic category exposed to risk

Edward Nowak

Counterfeited drugs – the economic impact

Ricardo Luiz Sichel

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